Tuesday 21 October 2014

Blitzkrieg: French Scale Creep?

I popped into Antics this lunchtime to pick up some Testors matt varnish and some black undercoat. Whilst having a cursory peruse of the shelves of kits and die-cast toys I spotted a nice pre-painted Somua S-35 of indeterminate scale for £12.50. It was certainly larger than 1/72nd and smaller than 1/35th so I bought it!

It turns out it is an IXO 1/43rd plastic and die-cast model that was recently available in one of those artworks collections from Eaglemoss called Military Vehicles Collection. There were 22 models in the collection and some nice looking stuff. 1/43rd is of course a common die-cast for cars and other vehicles and one I suspect many modern wargamers wish was the default rather than the nebulous 28mm given the tons of civilian models available in this scale!

I'm not quite sure whether I will be able to get away with using it with my 28mm French, but we'll see...


  1. Give it a go! Then, time how long it takes for the first rivet counter to challenge you on its scale. Should be good for a laugh. Nice model S-35, apparently the US took it as the basis for the Sherman design.