Friday, 24 October 2014

Battlefield Evolution: Partisans III

Here are the third and final batch of Caesar Miniatures 20mm Partisans finished this lunctime, bringing the total to 60.

I'm very pleased with how these have come up given the limited time and effort expended on them,

I did a bit of book buying yesterday, on the back of these figures. For the Kindle I picked up the Osprey Campaign Vercors 1944 and in paperback, secondhand copies of Osprey Warrior French Resistance Fighter and Osprey MAA Partisan Warfare 1941-45. Hopefully they will provide enough inspiration between them.

Here is a photo of all 60...

Painting Target: 577/1000


  1. Excellent work ! all the 60 figures !! that's a big army of partisans !
    I like those figures (and it's not my period !) because they are useful for conversions ... and also because they are... good figures !

  2. They look fantastic for speed paints- great work.

    The Osprey on Vecors is a pretty good read too.



  3. Super work on those, I want to get the other pack with Nuns etc, so I can add to my refugees collection