Friday 17 October 2014

Orctober: Second Orc Axe Regiment II

I managed to finish off the smaller of the Mantic Orc with axes regiments this lunchtime, painting the flag (made from tomato puree tube foil) and the movement tray (made from plastic card and rod).

As with the shields, the flag iconography is pretty basic, in keeping, in my opinion, with the Orc psyche (or should that be psycho?).

As I hope you can see, my rough and slightly shoddy approach to painting the Orcs does come together at the end when the unit is fielded en masse. On with the poleaxe unit now...

Painting Target: 517/1000


  1. Those look jolly good..nice effect en masse

  2. Really great - love them!
    The skull icons work very well - reminiscent of the white hand of Isenguard which was similarly effective