Wednesday 1 October 2014


The other day a fellow wargamer posted on Facebook that he had lost his hobby mojo. I kinda realised today that mine was a bit low as I have avoided starting painting the Partisans I base coated last week or based up the plastic Lion Rampant retinues I dug out.

However coming across a post on Erny's Place Blog I have decided to embrace Orctober and paint up some more orcs for my WHFB army. A while back I picked up some Mantic orcs in a sale so I am going to dig them out and paint them green! Orctober here I come!


  1. What a great idea! I fancy some classic Nick Lund orcs for this one?

  2. Great idea - I've borrowed it!


  3. Last year, I've painted some orcs for Orctober ! it's a good idea... but this year it will be difficult ...
    I will try !

  4. Good luck with the Mantic Orcs - sadly, I've not met anyone who's had a good experience with them yet...

  5. Dagnabbit! I just missed Orctoberfest with my post about pig-faced orcs:

    Had I thought of it (awesome idea!) I would have waited.