Sunday 19 October 2014

Geheimkrieg: Der Verdammten

I've been having a bit of fun sticking together and painting the forty WWII German zombies I bought from Studio Miniatures a few moons back.

Despite there only being two basic models on each sprue, they are remarkably flexible and easy to convert with a sharp knife and some liquid cement. I have sailed through constructing and getting them block painted prior to dipping (which I hope to do tomorrow before having to spend the day looking after some French trade unionists).

It did occur to me that you could be quite adventurous with these plastics, mixing and matching with the Warlord plastic Germans to provide more variation, whether that be adding equipment or different headgear to the Studio figures, or zombifying the Warlord figures (you end up with enough spare zombies heads and arms to make it quite easy).

Whilst I have forty almost finished now, I am tempted to pick up some more for some crossover conversions. After all, you can't have too many WWII German zombies can you?

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  1. I picked up the Mantic/ Warlord WW2 Zombie crossover kits that Mantic put out for Halloween and couple of years back. The two styles of figures were quite different which meant I had to spend some time putting them together, it was worth it in the end, but I think that these Studio Miniatures ones would have been far easier.

    I will probably have to pick some up in the near future...