Tuesday 28 October 2014

Miniature Mo’vember....

As Orctober comes to a close (and I need to crack on with the pole axe unit), it seems next month is Miniature Mo’vember...

 Mo’vember is a fun charity event when chaps worldwide are encouraged to grow some facial fluff and get sponsored for doing so. Sporting a fine moustache and beard (well I think they're fine), I miss out on this fun, until now.

Over to bloggers Blax the Kleric and Dick Garrison who came up with the following idea: "for a bit of fun that next month will be “Mo’vember” rather than November and that each week we have to paint up at least one figure with a moustache".

Sound fun, I'll have to have a rummage in Lead Mountain to find some suitable figures for Miniature Mo’vember - hopefully you'll join the fun...


  1. Many thanks for the plug :-) Should be a bit of fun and looking forward to seeing what figures people come up with.

  2. Hi Steve, you should have posted me via the SFSFW or my blog and I'd have given you a mention there, you are of course most welcome, and I'll be keeping an even closer eye on what you get up to.

    Cheers Roger.