Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Napoleon of Crime

As the Zombies progress I am working on odd little projects in between bulk painting sessions to keep my sanity. Today this has included some work on some Judge Dredd miniatures, a 6mm hovercraft, a 20mm T-72 and Professor James Moriarty, nemesis of the Great Consulting Detective...

I'd actually based and undercoated the Moriarty miniature (from Ironclad Miniatures) at the same time as I painted the Holmes and Watson pair back in August 2010 but I was disappointed with the sculpt. Whilst not bad, it is by a different designer than Holmes and Watson and to my mind not as good. Consequently he got shoved to one side...

Anyway I decided to finish him today and am quite pleased with the end result. It is not the most exciting miniature and I tried to enliven it by having a purple hue to his cloak (thinking about the cloak as I type I suppose I could have silk lined it to add a splash of colour - I will ponder this).

On the subject of the Napoleon of Crime I recently finished Kim Newman's excellent Professor Moriarty: The Hound of the D'urbervilles, a recounting of Moriarty's nefarious adventures as penned Flashman style by Colonel Sebastian "Basher" Moran. Well worth getting hold off if you enjoy Holmes and have a sense of humour,


  1. He looks good though I like him a lot. That book sounds good i'll have to add it to my reading list.