Thursday 17 January 2013

Potty Time!

I popped into my local model shop today to pick up some liquid poly as my last bottle (bought from Beatties!) is just about empty. They didn't have any in stock! I know, what sort of model shop isn't able to sell glue to customers? Ho hum...

Anyway I had been thinking about my Dreadball miniatures recently (albeit with less enthusiasm than previous) so I decided to check out some unusual colours for team kit schemes.

Despite a long history of using enamels I have largely switched to the acrylic side now but was considering some of Humbrol's florescent pots to help create some vivid team uniforms.

However I discovered the Revell Aqua Color range that not only included some florescent colours, which I picked up, but some translucent shades that I suspect will work kind of like inks but hopefully will no pooling issues as they did in days of yore (I haven't used inks since the Eighties!).

The Revell pots are quite unusual but reading a few online reviews lots of good things are said about them so I'm hoping I get the chance to experiment with them over the weekend.


  1. I've been using these for years - lovely paints.

  2. Indeed they are! I just wish the pots were a little better designed!

    All the best!

  3. Great paint, lousy pots... Mine have started to dry quite badly far more rapidly than Vallejo. Nothing that can't be sorted out with a little water though.