Thursday 10 January 2013

The January Sales

Captain Biggleswade (Artizan Designs)
The weeks immediately after Christmas sees the inevitable January sales in the High Street with hosts of "bargains". In the wargames world a number of sales have been held and my credit card has taken an unfortunate battering as I decided to pick up some bargains!

First off there was North Star who have a ton of exciting goodies at reduced prices including the Defiance Games UAMC Marines at half price so I am now the proud owner of 48 plastic marines!

I also picked up a Thrilling Tales bargain bag containing 20 Artizan Designs pulp era miniatures for £19. The RRP on these figures is £44 and having gone through my luck dip selection there isn't one that I can't envisage finding a use for (and I've got Biggles!).

I am now trying to stay away from the sale site, as having read the article in  the current WSS magazine the crusader rules Deus Vult look very interesting and North Star appear to have them one third off!

Despite annoying me with the Dreadball fumble (it turned up just before Christmas), Mantic's Santa sale had some under half price bargains from an Undead point of view (a 52 figure war host for less than £15 - mainly skeletons which I need for the Undead Army project).

I also decided to buy twenty pole-armed Orcs and forty bow armed Goblins, I'm not sure I really needed these but you really can't have enough Goblinoids and they were ridiculously cheap...

Finally (I did say the credit card had taken a battering) Elheim Figures did a post free sale over the festive period (equivalent to about 10% off). With my Wessex Games head on I have been planning to reprint ColdWar: 1983 in a nicer format and have been looking at the 28mm Cold War era ranges for a while to use in photos, although there are huge gaps especially if you want something other than BAOR or US for NATO.

So I have turned the clock back twenty years to my first love 20mm and ordered a pile off Elheim which arrived yesterday and I must say are absolutely gorgeous. It has been hard to put these to one side as I concentrate on the Zombies I can tell you!

West German LMG's (photo Elheim Figures)


  1. That lot will certainly keep you busy for a while then.

  2. I'm definately up for a Cold War:1983 re-issue!