Saturday 19 January 2013

Reaper Bones Ogre Chieftain

Not a lot of time today to spend painting so I decided to tackle another of those miniatures sat for too long on the workbench - a Reaper Miniatures Ogre Chieftain.

This is one of their "plastic" Bones line. I say "plastic" as it is not the hard styrene plastic you get from Citadel, Warlord or in an Airfix kit but what it is I'm not quite sure. It is slightly bendy but not like soft polythene (Airfix) and apparently glues well with super glue but not plastic liquid cement (not that I needed to glue it together as it is a one piece casting).

I bought this model a while back as it looked good and I wanted to check out the "plastic" before investing in the Bones Kickstarter (which I subsequently did big time as I was impressed with this model).

Detail wise it is very much like a metal model, indeed most, if not all, of the Bones line started life as metal models and this is Reaper's way of producing them in a cheaper material that still provides the same detail. I am looking forward to seeing the larger Bones models such as the dragons later this year as the lightness of the material should make it more suitable for tabletop gaming.

I\m very pleased with how this model painted up, especially the tawny weathered flesh as I have been dodging this 'browned skin' look for a while, but knew it was what was needed on miniatures like this traditional ogre and other large humanoids like giants.

Overall, if all the Bones models are to this standard, they are well worth buying.


  1. I love how that guy turned out better than the Bones gave the impression. Looking forward to my March delivery!

  2. Very nicely done, I'd imagine they be cheap to do up a regiment as they'd be quite easy to convert.