Monday 28 January 2013

Keep On Truckin'

This light truck is an old 28mm GZG resin one (now sold by Daemonscape). Originally this was painted twenty odd years ago but whilst I liked the camo scheme, I never liked the rather flat end result so intended one day to repaint it.

However given the success of the 'black dip' I thought I'd try that on the model first which worked very well, adding depth and detail previously hidden. After the dip had dried I matt varnished it then gave the truck a light dust weathering and am pleased with the end result.

I have a pile of old painted and unpainted 28mm GZG resin that may well get dug out soon and given some dip treatment...


  1. Nice vehicle. Are you literally dipping stuff or are you brushing it on.

    1. Brushing, gives better control and isn't as messy.