Thursday 1 January 2015

The Thousand Figure Challenge 2015...

Happy 2015 everybody! Keeping the resolution simple again this year and going for the 1000 figures painted in a year target again. It maybe ambitious, possibly insane, but Lead Mountain needs to be tackled!

One change from last year may well be the re-introduction of project months from years gone by, these were quite effective in getting things done. Big targets this year will include the Spartan army to fight my Athenians, the Winter War when my Baker Company Kickstarter turns up, a return to Yom Kippur and the recently started ACW project. Smaller projects may well include the Dux Bellorum Saxon army, some Lion Rampant retinues and the 54mm Firefight figures.

There will be other stuff, but the aim is to be more focused in 2015, whilst keeping up the output. Should be fun...


  1. Good luck in all your Painting Conquests this year Steve!

  2. Some good stuff there Steve!

    I suspect a 1000 figures will wizz by before you know it.

  3. Good luck mate!
    (You know a thousand figs won't take too long if you focus on 2mm infantry for Land Ironclads...)

  4. Did you manage any games in 2014?