Thursday 8 January 2015

Bargain Tales of Derring-Do!

Still coughing and spluttering here and facing a tedious journey to Birmingham tomorrow, I felt in need of a literary pick me up. Not in the mood for anything too highbrow I discovered that Wildside Press' Megapack e-book series now includes two volumes of G.A. Henty novels.

A Victorian author, Henty wrote many historical adventure books from ancient times through to Victorian. A bit "Boys Own" I suppose but I enjoyed Death in the Snow about the Retreat from Moscow in 1812 when I read it a year back and 40 novels for a quid was too good a bargain to pass up.

I also picked up (for 39p) the Talbot Mundy Megapack, an author I am not familiar with, but the reviews were good and with stories set in the Khyber Pass, it had to be worth a try.

Hopefully this will keep me entertained on the train tomorrow - and no doubt inspire me to start even more projects that won't get finished!

The Megapack series covers a whole range of genres (SF, Western, Adventure, Detective etc) and it is worth having a look at. Just stick megapack in the search facility of the Kindle Store and see...

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