Tuesday 30 April 2013

(WWII Month) For You Tommy, Ze Month Is Over...

So WWII Month comes to the end with a wimper not a bang...

My four Hanomags now have a Dunkelgelb coat on but will not be finished this month and the Soviets still await a painted tank or lorry... However, on the plus side I painted 37 German infantry so now have German and Soviet infantry platoons painted up which is good - and a Kübelwagen let's not forget!

I intend to continue the project in between others as the Soviet vehicles are not going to be that challenging (green, green and more green...) and the German half-tracks are part way done and will only take a couple more hours all told (excluding drying time).

All in all, quite pleased with how WWII Month has gone even if the final week was a bit of a loss.

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