Saturday 20 April 2013

(WWII Month) S is for Schützentrupp! (not Salute...)

Unfortunately I was unable to get to Salute today. Saul decided to be sensible and that he should stay at home revising for his A/S Level exams, which are less than a month away, and SWMBO pinched the car to go and visit family in Fareham. So what can a wargamer effectively home alone do? Paint of course...

I've cracked on with the German Grenadier Platoon, finishing the first section this afternoon.

The figures are largely a mix of Revell and Esci, although there is a veteran Airfix Afrika Korp rifleman in the section to make numbers up.

Painting is a bit rough. I'm going for effect rather than detail and this helps disguise any filled undercuts and mould lines I've not been able remove. Overall it looks ok, especially on the table. Two more sections to finish off before I get on with the vehicles.

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