Saturday 3 August 2013

Executive 904 Air Car Limousine (and Lancelot)

On Thursday I popped into Modelzone to have a poke around and in addition to some of the Airfix Operation Herrick models I walked out with four cans of Humbrol Multi-Effect Spray. This is the paint that when you see it on a car appears to change colour depending on the way the light hits it and I waned to see how this would work on SF civilian vehicles.

Along with the planes I bought from Shapeways I bought Arctic Skunk's Executive 904 Air Car Limousine and decided yesterday to use it as the guinea pig for the Multi-Effect Spray.

The end result is very pleasing even if it does not quite change colour the way it does on a real life vehicle. This may be down to the size of the model, but under artificial or bright light the change in colour is quite noticeable (the photos don't do it justice). I decided to try the red can first (which is more of a bronze red brown) and maybe a more distinctive result would have been had with the violet or green. The model is still on a temporary base pending my deciding what kind of one to use.

Overall I am happy with the end result, a word of warning to anyone want to try this themselves, the spray works best over gloss black not matt! :-)

Gromit of the Day:



  1. Noticed that stuff. Wondered what it did. I have used the solid flake form. You colloid it in varnish or similar and spread.

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