Thursday 8 August 2013

Do-It-Yourself Blob! (and Gromitasaurus)

Like many wargamers I see things that other normal people don't! For example take this waste piece of DIY aerosol filler foam that we used to fill a hole where a pipe had been removed. Am I the only person that looked at the offcut and went "ooh, the Blob! Maybe a Shoggoth... What colour should I paint it?" SWMBO despairs...

Hobby wise (aside from looking at bits of waste foam and seeing strange monsters) I have made considerable progress on 1918 Month with painting on a Blackburn Kangaroo, Fokker E.IV, Sopwith Baby, Sopwith Pup and Vickers Vimy all underway.

Gromit of the Month:



  1. Looks like a Shoggoth to me! ;-)

    [However, my SpellCheck suggests it's actually an Ostrogoth...]

  2. it does look like a blob..and, looking at it closely, if you tip your head to the left and look at the blob on the bottom´s a face!!!! a bit like the pilsbury doe Boy has been swallowed! (or just stopped concentrating and lost all his original form)
    That Grommit is well scary. Those eyes! He Must have had one hell of a night out :-D