Thursday, 21 August 2014

Lion Rampant Pre-ordered!

Well I did get a little excited earlier in the year when I spotted Dan Mersey's new Lion Rampant rules on Amazon, but I got very excited last night reading Dan's article in the new Wargames Illustrated about the game. So much so that I've now pre-ordered a set off Amazon... (currently just £8.39).

I know I have the Dux Bellorum Saxons still sitting on the painting table (actually, balanced on an open drawer to one side covered by an envelope!) but this will give me an excuse to buy some of the Fireforge plastics! Foot units have 12 models in them and cavalry 6 (with some foot) and you need six units for your force.

Sounds doable, I just need to have a ponder whether to go slightly predictable Baron's War or early HYW or maybe something more off-beat and exotic from the continent...


  1. The agony of choice! I've been looking for an excuse to get some Fireforge; if only to throw them onto the not started pile of lead and plastic lying around... ;)

  2. So if I happen to already have a few unused boxes of Fireforge, this would be the excuse I need to retain them for future projects? :-)

  3. Just been reading up on the Reconquista - matches your time period

  4. I fancy this in 15mm...definitely do-able.