Thursday 7 August 2014

Bolt Action: The Anti-Japanese War 1931 - 1945

Unfortunately I've not managed to get anywhere near a paintbrush today but the Chinese bug is itching away! :-) A little more research has uncovered a range of 28mm WW2 Chinese! Yes, Brigade Games in the States do a nice looking range of German equipped troops, including some useful 'Big Sword' types.

Of course whilst WW2 starts in 1939 for us here in the UK, the war against the Japanese started in 1931 for the Chinese (indeed they call the conflict the Anti-Japanese War). This means that the Copplestone Back of Beyond range comes into usefulness for battles between 1931 to 1937 (and probably beyond).

Japanese troops for the period are widely available but troops for 1931 wore French style Adrian helmets and as you can see from the photos below (taken from China in WW2), the Japanese marines would make a colourful and unusual looking unit!

Japanese Marines Shanghai 1932
Japanese soldiers in Shanghai, 1937
Japanese Type 89 Japanese tanks near Beijing, summer of 1937


  1. Have a look at the Pulp Figures Japanese and Chinese too.


  2. An interesting and unusual project. Probably for most of us knowledge of this war is limited to the 'Rape of Nanking' and the Flying Tigers.

  3. Looking forward to your progress. I have been building a Warlord era Chinese army for years. so Far I have painted up one regular rifle platoon for Disposeable Heroes. I ended up converting some light machine gunners using Bolt Action Adrian helmeted heads and soviet partisans. More on my blog at