Tuesday 19 August 2014

Aeronef: Confederate Aeronef wip

When Aeronef was first published back in 1999 there were not a lot of suitable models to use. There were the horrendous Space 1889 plastics, the beautiful but rare and expensive GameTech 1889 metals and the Irregular Heirs of Uranus range that inspired the basic rules.  Consequently when it came to debuting the game at Salute I had to scratchbuild a number of models, mainly from Peter Pig ACW ironclads.

These days the need to scratchbuild models is long gone with Brigade's impressive large range of 1/1200th models, but when I spotted the IKB04 Monitor in the Irregular 2mm ships range, I couldn't resist the idea of buying some and converting them into aeronef.

I've built up the underside of the hull with some plastic card and added an underhull engine and twin fins from odd bits of plastic. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to paint them.