Monday, 11 August 2014

Dwarf King's Quest: Back Down the Dungeon...

Mantic are back Kickstarting things, this time with Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King's Quest. I love the original game, it's great, so it took little to convince me to jump on board for the basic game, a move made all the better by the inclusion now of solo rules to make one side or the other card driven, with the player(s) working together (aka scheming behind each others backs).

What also appeals is that the advanced rules will allow you to create your own adventures beyond the basic quest and with a pile of unpainted Reaper Bones, this seems like it will be the answer to my tentative plan to create some dungeon delving game using the piles of odd fantasy miniatures to be found in Lead Mountain. I also had plans to use the original Dwarf King's Hold game to recreate some adventures based on  a very old school fantasy gaming background, so the new c.y.o. adventure rules should make that a whole lot easier.

Today has mainly been lost to work and helping son and heir set up student bank accounts but I did managed to slap a bit of paint on some 20mm WWII German half-tracks and do some more Aeronef work including finding an online source of an obscure C19th text I'd been after for ages! :-)

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