Wednesday 27 August 2014

Dungeon Delving...

The Mantic Dungeon Saga Kickstarter is coming to an end this weekend and is looking really good with a ton of useful stuff at what is a very reasonable price (especially as the pound is doing quite well against the dollar which for some reason Mantic have chosen to run the KS in).

Along with the basic game they have now funded two interesting looking expansion sets which at $25 each are really good value, I especially like the look of the Infernal Crypts expansion with its denizens from hell!

Also on Kickstarter at the moment is Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain, the perfect accompanying item for Dungeon Saga or any fantasy skirmish underground. Their SF terrain is wonderful so I made sure my finger was poised to grab an Early Bird on the fantasy project when it went live last Friday! I'm not 100% sure about the new Mines of Minerva add-on, it doesn't have a lot of track for one, but the basic Dungeon pledge looks great. Let this video whet your appetite!

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