Wednesday 3 July 2013

World War FTW!

You may recall last November my excitement for World War Z being somewhat tempered by the trailer. So, with expectations set firmly at zero, Saul dragged me along to see it at the weekend - what a blast!

Ok, it is not Citizen Kane and it won't win any Oscars, but it is a decent enough film, the opening act is great, the sprinting zombies genuinely scary. The Jerusalem sequence (shown in the trailer) makes more sense in context and the waves of zombies, whilst obviously CGI, is not as off putting as the trailer makes it and the final act ratchets up the tension.

It could be better, it owes little to the book, but as summer blockbusters go it is a very good one and worth seeing on the big screen (in 2D). After seeing the trailer last November that is something I never thought I'd write!


  1. The little woman and I are off Friday to see it; I've read the book, so was disappointed by some of the intial production woe stories. However, based upon feedback so far, I am confident it will be better than feared ;)