Friday 12 July 2013

More Eighties Chaos Knights (and Being Gromit Malkovich)

The nice long summer evenings have allowed me to hide in the games room and continue painting whilst SWMBO watches Eastenders and Holby City resulting in a couple more pieces being finished.

First off are a couple more from Citadel's 1984 Speciality Set 3 - Knights of Chaos. This time I've finished off Thel - Knight of Gorth the Great Obesity and Buoophut Bane-Arrow - Devotee of Alaman. Both are lovely figures that hark back to a better age of less formularic chaos miniatures.

Also from the same time period, this time from Speciality Set 5 - Warrior Knights of Law is Sir Palomides Pureheart, a really oddly equipped miniature (what's with the hat?) that has previously thwarted my attempts at painting him but seems to have worked out ok this time.

Finally, a bit of a public service announcement. As you probably know Modelzone is in administration and the shops appear to be having a stock clearance sale amongst which I noticed, when I popped into the London store yesterday, that Vallejo paints are half price, so a good time to stock up.

Gromit of the Day:

Being Gromit Malkovich

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  1. Great minis. Still have them half painted after all this time.