Sunday 21 July 2013

Heavy Metal Mayhem! (and Bumble Boogie)

I came across three almost finished Battletech miniatures the other day and decided to finish them off despite having not particular use for them. They had been painted in enamels so I gave them a quick Strong Tone/Dark Tone ink wash and finished the bases.

I never really got into Battletech despite a desire to do so after reading William Keith's Battletech novel Decision at Thunder Rift. I really couldn't get my head around the rules and the level of combat they were pitched at.

I wanted battles of a dozen mecha a side which the rules didn't cater for. I did have a phase of collecting stuff including the excellent fanzine MekTek but gaming never really took off (I recently reaquired my copy of the OHMU mecha rules which might be an option).

I can't recall exactly what the models are, two are (I think) are a Warhammer and a Battlemaster but am not 100% certain. I haven't a clue what the third is.

It was quite amusing to see my ability to paint small lettering in the halcyon days of youth, with the name Death Wish painted on the cannon of the Warhammer. Couldn't do that in a month of Sundays now...

Gromit of the Day:

Bumble Boogie


  1. Catalyst games is working on something called alpha strike. I think it's a slimmed down version of the rules for quick play.

    The alpha strike rules are based on the quick strike rules as discussed on their blog) (

    I think this is the link for the pdf in question.....

  2. Played Battletech alot and it was fantastic game. It was possible to play with lots of mechs on each side. I remember one game with at least 12 mechs per player (suppose it depends on what you call alot of mechs). Seeing these brings back happy memories. You have a Warhammer (with the two PPC's), a Battlemaster (all green), and the other one is a later model of the Thunderbolt I do believe.

  3. You're right, Steve- the Warhammer you got dead on, and the tall green fellow with the black canopy is a Battlemaster.

    The third- the one with the huge forearm gun and the round missile drum- is a Thunderbolt.