Tuesday 23 July 2013

The Devil (Dogs) Made Me Do It! (and Why Dog? Why?)

Earlier this month I posted about Empress Miniatures interesting looking Devil Dogs and Dragons Kickstarter with contemporary US Marines, Chinese PLA and Austrian infantry. What can I say? I am  a weak, weak man...

Empress Miniatures US Infantry
One thing that swung it for me (aside from a great idea to write a ColdWar: 1983 supplement called Red Dragon Rising) was the offer of a 20% sale on their existing moderns miniatures for backers. This also included the recently acquired vehicles by Imprint Models and yesterday evening turned out to be rather expensive (thankfully SWMBO was distracted by some Royal baby news on the TV).

Empress Miniatures British Infantry
Of course I will now have to do some serious research on the forces being purchased and that will mean checking out what Ospreys are available. Weak, weak man...

Gromit of the Day:

Why Dog? Why?

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  1. Well you have some Zombies, so a bit of mixing and matching with rules sets and you're good to go.