Friday 24 May 2013

Chaco This Out...La Guerra de la Sed Updated!

A little while back I was looking into the possibilities of playing some AirWar: 1918 games during the Chaco War. Whilst a few models could be found there were some big gaps. Enter Mike Pennock at Arctic Skunk to fill those gaps via Shapeways!

Here is an update on model availability...

Cuerpo de Aviación Boliviano (Bolivian Air Force):

Breguet 19: is now available via Artic Skunk (Shapeways).

Curtiss Falcon: will soon be available in 1/144th from Arctic Skunk.

Curtiss Hawk: is available via Artic Skunk (Shapeways).

Curtiss Osprey: is also available via Artic Skunk (Shapeways).

Vickers Type 143 Scout: is now available via Artic Skunk (Shapeways).

Vickers Type 149 Vespa III: is now available via Artic Skunk (Shapeways).

Fuerza Aereas del Ejercito Nacional Paraguayo (Paraguayan Air Force):

Fiat C.R.20 bis: available from Artic Skunk (Shapeways).

Potez 25: also available from Artic Skunk (Shapeways) in 1/144th.

Wibault 73: is now available via Artic Skunk (Shapeways).

Mike is also planning a Junkers K43/W34 which was also used as a bomber in the war so I think my joy is pretty much complete. I just need to plan out an order for the new planes and set aside some time to paint them.


  1. OUTSTANDING!!! This has been something that I have been wanting to game for a while as well.

    I really don't know what I am more excited about this, finally doing the air war over the Chaco or I now can get buy several Helldivers (the Curtis Falcon) and do King Kong! In the words of Merian C. Cooper, "we should kill the sonofab*tch ourselves".


  2. The Junkers k.43 flew for bolivian army during Chaco War mainly as a transport. Even when it was fitted with bomb rails under wings and a scarf mount for a machine gun; it was never used to drop bombs.