Saturday 20 September 2014

Orc Rampant!

My copy of Osprey's new medieval wargames rules, Lion Rampant, turned up today. Unfortunately I have only had a little while to flick through them this evening but they look good. Most of my concentration has been focussed on the section on mustering your retinue (your 'army' of forty to sixty miniatures) and the sample retinues Daniel Mersey has provided. The latter not only include a lot of historical ones, but also a fun selection of Hollywood ones and (I hope you are sitting down...) two fantasy ones!

I had been wondering how easy it would be to convert Lion Rampant from medieval to high fantasy and clearly great minds think alike with old school Good and Evil being included. Obviously this is just a taster of what a bit of imagination can do and my mind is now full of ideas of mercenary retinues using miscellaneous fantasy adventurers from 'Lead Mountain' as well as Conan led barbarian hordes.

Given the small scale forces needed for retinues, this game could well be very addictive for fantasy as well as historical gamers...


  1. Sounds good, I must look the rules up ;)

  2. It works pretty well for fantasy if you don't need anything sparkly or fancy. We had a test game with orcs and men today: