Tuesday 31 January 2012

Armed British Police

Finished a couple of packs of Urban Beat's 28mm armed British Police earlier, destined to do double duty sorting out left wing rebels and zombies.

Since I bought these last year the pack composition has changed a bit with additional figures being added which is a bit of a PITA. One of the figures (now in the character pack) was bare and bald headed which I didn't like so I "painted" a balaclava on using Liquid Green Stuff.

Working on my Liverpool Dockers Trade Union Militia next which has raised an issue as they are Red Star's Chechens and dressed for cold weather whereas the Police (the original purchased opfor) are in short sleeves. Not sure this will look right so I'm considering getting some African militia and raising a summer weather Popular Front to battle the Police (with some Caucasian head swaps if necessary) and have the Union Militia fight the Assault Group British infantry I bought a while back...


  1. Very nice Steve.


  2. They look good...like the bases as well, very urban.

  3. Great painting!!!! Shame we didn't see these guys during the riots in London last year!!

  4. I have a similar project in mind - when time and work permits. Sigh!