Tuesday 31 January 2012

40K 25th Anniversary (Imperial Guard I)

Really dodgy painting alert here! Couple of photos of the first metal Imperial Guard figures, a real hotch-potch of a range (including some really good female troopers which have gone AWOL for the moment).

I'd been using a sepia wash on my fantasy figures (and first Space Marines) at this time and hadn't really thought about the shading on these before painting them up in a cod-Waffen SS three colour camo pattern. Whatever my aim is to find the rest of the first IG troopers and repaint them with a distinct Vietnam vibe and use them with some toy hovercraft and Pibbers I picked up a while back in a toy shop.

The IG range did include this wonderfully clever casualty figure lying wounded propped up on one elbow...

...who you could flip over to show he was dead.

Not sure why this has never been repeated elsewhere because it is perfect for most skirmish games.

The first plastic Imperial Guard tomorrow...


  1. I loved how the old IG had Beastmen Regiments and Penal Units with Bomb Troopers...

  2. Cool idea for the wounded/dead marker.

  3. Hi Steve,

    Great idea for a wounded/dead figure.

    I have just sent you a personal e-mail - it was sent to an old e-mail address. please check if you have received it - if not get back to me.