Wednesday 1 February 2012

40K 25th Anniversary (Imperial Guard II)

Moving on a couple of years to the time when GW jumped the 40k shark (well at least for me), the phase of metal models and plastic arms which was a complete PITA (given I used Araldite rather than the dodgy Super Glue of the period).

These IG are a mix of the first plastic box set and some of the metal/plastic arm hybrids. I had it in my head that this lot would be some kind of elite para-military force which is why the sport bolters rather than las-rifles. One of the chainsaw sergeants was given a clear plastic riot shield to this end.

Somewhere there are some Rough Rider cavalry from the same release and Penal Troop suicide bombers but I can't seem to find them. Size wise they seem to still fit in so I'm considering giving them a repaint if I can find the other miniatures (along with a small collection of AWOL Squats one, IIRC, who was mounted on a Judge Dredd hoverboard and looked super-cool!)


  1. I love the old bolters they always looked so sci-fi with the magazine being implausibly far from the chamber and bolt-carrier... still got some of these guys in my current forces thye never did beat the old helmet design.