Monday 27 February 2012

40K 25th Anniversary (Imperial Army I)

Digging out the original Imperial Guard (or Army as they were called at the time) from 1987 the other week, I came across a substantial amount of unpainted white metal so in a fit of enthusiasm decided to paint it up.

In the interests of time I decided to dip them which turned out better than expected as I'd held onto the figures wanting to paint them up with a Vietnam 'vibe' (I have some toy hovercraft for APC's to be converted for them), The dip has certainly given the Russian Army Green uniforms a US Olive Drab feel and I'm pleased with the overall effect...

I've painted up three nine-man (and woman) sections to create a basic platoon based on the miniatures I had in my collection.

Section A (1/2)
Section A (2/2)
Section B (1/2)
Section B (2/2)
Section C (1/2)
Section C (2/2)


  1. The old classics:) I still like the slightly humourous look of this miniatures:)

  2. Wow, I love the look of modern paintjobs on classic figs, these look awesome. Nice collection too, a lot of these even pre-date my RT stuff.

  3. Very nice. I still rekcon they're some of the best mini's Mark Copplestone (or was it Bob Naismith, I can never remember) every produced. Bags of character. I have 30 odd of these guys sitting in dettol at the moment, awaiting their return to painted glory.

    1. Think these are the Perry Twins...

    2. Ah well. Not the first time I've been wrong.

  4. I'm going all misty eyed with nostalgia. Bt please don't dig out one of those first edition dreadnaughts.. they were horrible.

  5. Nice paint jobs!

    I have the two female guards at the top, and your paint jobs are much much better.

  6. Love them! You can almost hear the Rolling Stones playing on an 8-track in the background...