Friday, 13 March 2015

Up The Mekong...

Plans to crack on with the Romanians today have been thwarted by work which is a shame, hopefully tomorrow I will escape observation by SWMBO and get a chance to slap some more paint on the Romanians and ACW Union infantry...

I have been intrigued by the latest news from Battlefront and their planned Brown Water Navy supplement for Flames of War Vietnam. I've always been fascinated by the idea, probably as a result of Apocalypse Now and the old 10mm Skytrex range, but never done anything (aside from converting an old Irregular 6mm monitor into an SF one!).

Brown Water Navy (Battlefront)
What has caught my eye (aside from the pretty pictures) is that in April Battlefront plan to release "2’x4’ delta river mats that come in a set that can be swapped around to give you a variety of a full 6’x4’ delta system." 

Brown Water Navy (Battlefront)
Obviously these will be really useful for a plethora of periods but the "ooh shiny" butterfly is beating its wings and reminding me that GHQ do a lovely Vietnam riverine range in 6mm. Wouldn't need much models wise...

1/285th Riverine Monitor (GHQ Models)