Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Battlefield Evolution: Romanian "Mountain Hunters"

I finished basing my WW2 Romanian Infantry platoon today (sans the lmg teams as I need to decide how I am basing them) and gave them a basecoat spray of some Army Painter Leather Brown which will form a good base to work on. This is a bit darker than Khaki, but Romanian uniforms were darker than the Hungarians and Soviets.

The HaT box still contains a lot of unused figures and I have been pondering what to do with them. Initial thoughts were to paint them as Marines in dark blue uniforms but I am now considering painting them up as Mountain troops - the Vanatori de Munte (Mountain Hunters).

The most obvious uniform difference is the large (rather French looking beret) and the white ankle socks. The latter should not be a problem, the beret more so given the soft nature of the HaT plastic as I don't know how well it will take Green Stuff additions.

Fortunately the Mountain troops do appear to have worn the Dutch style helmet in action (see above)  alongside the beret, so I could have a mixed unit if the converting proves too onerous. I'll have a crack at a conversion tomorrow and see how it goes...

In addition to the photos of the Mountain troops above, I also came across this one of Romanian troops in the Caucasus - now this would be an interesting unit! :-)


  1. Romanian troops also used the Adrian helmet . After the Dutch surrendered, the Germans supplied the Romanians with the dutch style helmet.If you haven't already there is a site called World war two in color check it out a good section on Romanian forces.I didn't realize the Romanians used camels. very interesting!

  2. The Romanians bought these helmets pre-war. Some were also captured by the Germans and passed on, probably not for free.