Thursday 19 March 2015

The Battle of Sevastopol

I came across the trailer for an interesting looking new Russian/Ukranian film called The Battle of Sevastopol that is due for release this spring. The film is a biopic based on the life of the famous female Soviet sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenk who fought in Odessa and at Sebastopol.

The trailer looks similar to other war films coming out of Eastern European cinema in recent years, but the subject matter should be interesting...


  1. It looks a little cheesy but not as cartoony as that Stalingrad movie that came out last year. Though I've always been very interested in the battle of Sevastopol, so I'll watch it anyway.

    Thanks for sharing this, I would have had no idea this existed if it weren't for this post!

  2. Good head up for the film. Another definate must see. There´s some good films about WWII coming out of Russia lately..More gritty looking with less of the classic "Hollywood" heroics.