Friday 19 December 2014

From Normandy to Gettysburg?!

Wars and Battles may be the worst game name ever, but it is the latest iPad game I have tried, this time on the recommendation of The basic game is a hex-based WW2 divisional level game based on the Normandy campaign.

I'm not quite sure what I make of it so far, it seems fairly basic tactically although stupid tactics get punished by the AI pretty ruthlessly and I soon find myself being drawn back into the next battle so it can't be that bad!

What has intrigued me about the game are the planned extensions for 2015 which include Arnhem, Korea and Yom Kippur, as well as rather intriguingly Gettysburg and Austerlitz. I'm not quite sure how the engine will cope with black powder battles as opposed to mechanised ones, but it sounds interesting.

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  1. Sounds interesting Steve; I'm always on the look out for decent strategy games...