Monday 30 June 2014

October War: Syrian 9P148 (BRDM-2 w. AT-5) Company

The big pile of GHQ models I bought earlier in the month contained rather a lot of BRDM-2 models, more specifically a lot of BRDM-2 variants as only four of the twenty odd models were the basic BDRM-2. Several were the 9P148, the BDRM-2 equipped with a rack of 9K113 Konkurs anti-tank missiles (the AT-5 Spandrel in NATO speak). GHQ incorrectly market this as the BDRM-3.

I painted three up in the two colour green-yellow Soviet desert camouflage used by the Syrians and many Soviet client states, as well as the Russians themselves in Afghanistan. I don't know for definite if the Syrians used these in 1973, I think the Spandrel did see action in the October War, I'm just not sure if the BDRM mounted version did.

Both the Egyptians and Syrians appear to have used the 9P122, the BDRM-2 with 9M14 Malultka (AT-3 Sagger) and I have a few of these that I will paint up as Egyptian in due course.

Rather confusingly the models I bought also included seventeen BRDM-2 UM's, the command variant with a small box on the roof. I've painted up three of these in the two colour scheme but am not sure what I will use them with or what to do with the other fourteen!

Painting Target: 354/1000

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