Wednesday, 25 June 2014

October War: Israeli Recon Jeep Platoon

Back to the October War and I managed to grab some time today and paint up an Israeli recon jeep platoon and start a second Egyptian T62 company...

The four 1/285th jeeps are minute so I based them on the smaller command bases rather than the standard ones I'm basing all the other vehicles on as they looked lost on the larger bases.

Great little models, these are the old one piece GHQ ones with 106mm recoilless rifles. The newer GHQ jeep models have the rifles as separate pieces which might be a bit fiddly. I won't need any more for the Israelis but may use some for the Jordanians.

On the subject of the Jordanians, Daniel McCoy has updated his Flames of War intelligence briefing for them, including a number of new units based on his research (including a mechanised engineer platoon with Saracens!). Great work by Daniel, a copy can be downloaded here.

Painting Target: 315/1000

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