Sunday 22 June 2014

October War: FIBUA

With the miniatures production line coming to a temporary halt as I have run out of bases I have been turning my thoughts to terrain - namely buildings.

Inspiring rural base at
I have fallen in love with these Middle Eastern building terrain boards on 6mm wargaming and part of me wants to create something like the picture above. Whether I do or not will depend on the buildings I can source to go with the couple of Irregular ones I already have.

Leven Miniatures desert dwelling
Big Lee is using buildings from Leven Miniatures for his WW2 desert project. These are quite nice (and perfect for WW2) but possibly a bit too rough looking for an era when concrete buildings have become the norm.

GameCraft Middle East shops
The best range appears to be GameCraft Miniatures with a superb selection of resin buildings including a petrol station, residential buildings, shops etc. The only negative is that they are in the States and that means postage and customs could be an issue. That said I may well use them for select items that cannot be sourced in the UK.

The final source I have found (with photos so I can see the items - Battlefield Buildings take note!) is TimeCast whose range falls somewhere between Leven and GameCraft.  I have taken the plunge and ordered a few buildings off them (as well as some palm trees) to see what they are like.


  1. It will be interesting to see how they turn out; my thoughts are turning increasingly to 6mm and my long-abandoned Eastern Front armour in particular.

  2. I am also looking at dusting of some 6mm armies of my past. So I have Been watching your progress with much interest.

  3. Those Gamecraft buildings a very cool. If you order more than £15 of goods from the US watch out for excessive customs charges when they arrive in the UK. Actually, its not the customs charges its the £8 'handling charge' that Royal mail will stick you with for processing the import duty that will really stick in your craw. I got stung by that recently and I'm still smarting!