Monday 16 June 2014

October War: Egyptian T-62 Tank Company

I love 6mm, it's so much quicker to paint! :-)

Following on from the Israeli tank company finished yesterday, I painted up nine T-62's to add to one of those I painted on Friday to complete the first Egyptian tank company (as those three have aerials, I have decided to use them as company command tanks).

The models are old GHQ, some with external fuel tanks, some without, painted up in the three colour Egyptian camouflage of the 1973 war.

Here is the complete ten tank unit with the company command tank added.

Painting Target: 268/1000


  1. What rules are you going to use? I've been thinking of gaming the Cold War in 6mm, and have been browsing rule sets recently. P.S. T-62's look good. I'm enjoying this slight diversion you are having at the moment.

    1. The original intention was to use Flames of War, inspired by what Big Lee has done with his WW2 desert games, switching the miniatures to 6mm but keeping everything else the same. However I reserve the right to fall back on Cold War Commander of necessary. There is a Cold War lists and rules amendments for FoW on the internet that looks a lot of fun.