Monday, 22 August 2011

Busy Achieving Nothing...

Chatting with Dave Manley the other day we both concluded we were full of good intentions hobby wise but in danger of achieving nothing, just aimlessly going round in circles! Since I painted the Liberator I've gone completely off focus. I had hoped to get to the VSF get together at Rochford Hall but real world circumstances dictated against it, however on the plus side I have started painting my Shapeways' Caproni and a couple of Skytrex SPAD's for the 91a Squadriglia.

Coincidentally I am also reading Mark Thompson's The White War, a history of the Italian Front in the Great War. I must confess that it is hard going, not because of Thompson's style, but the sheer level of suffering the Italian army suffered largely due to the incompetence and lack of consideration by Cardonna commanding them. Whilst the Western Front is horrific almost beyond comprehension, the Italian Front is unbelievably worse. Combine the horror of the Somme with attacking up 40 degree terrain and a commander who believes that suffering more casualties is good for the army (and re-introduces decimation as a means of maintaining control) and you get some idea of the cruelty suffered by the Italian soldier. That the collapse at Caporetto didn't happen two years earlier is testament to the courage exhibited by the troops in the most cruel and horrific of circumstances. Not light reading but highly recommended.

Sticking with the Great War, my desire to get on with some gaming using the Warhammer Historical rules was further reinforced with this excellent French Army project on an Australian wargames forum. Again it made me feel ashamed at my figure output of late!

Then of course today something else comes along in the form of a ridiculously huge box from Shapeways containing another Liberator and two Pursuit ships. Taking a quick coffee break from the day job I decided to see how easy it was to convert the printed resin... Really easy is the answer, so I now have three new classes of vessel that I hope to get painted this week - after the WWI planes!!!


  1. We are all the same, talking big and wandering through the periods, myself and the majority of Rejects are always at this, never knew much about the Italian front but from what you said it's quite harrowing and depressing.

  2. It is all part and parcel of the reality of having to work for a living versus the aspirations of ones youth.

    Just remember the old song "Busy doing nothing, working the whole day through..."

  3. Been retired for nearly five months now and what I haven't achieved is quite remarkable . . .

  4. I am sure it is the time of year, or perhaps you need to organise a Bifrost to feel the void? I have been struggling to get myself down to the painting table for any length of time. It might just be the Month, I am not sure August is ever a good gaming Month. Everything kicks off for me after Colours in September. Until then I will just wrestle with the guilt of not painting the backlog!