Tuesday, 2 August 2011

(Blake's 7) System Chase Craft

Rather than start with the iconic Liberator I painted up the two System Chase Craft I purchased from Admiral Duck Sauce at Shapeways (sold as Alien Pursuit Ship 48mm). Being ships from the same alien race as the Liberator, the Chase Craft design share a similar look although they only have the central hull and a red propulsion globe rather than the Liberator's green. The models are not 100% accurate (as the screengrab from the second series episode Redemption below shows) but they are nicely done and paint up well enough.

I am tempted to get a couple more to convert and maybe one of the larger 95mm models to use as a larger class vessel.

Onto the Liberator next...


  1. Looking excellent, good work already.

  2. Niiice! These particular vessels weren't available when I picked up my Liberator etc - so I missed the opportunity to get some - you've made them look mighty tempting now, though... I believe they also do a Scorpio too...

  3. Nice work, do you know what kind of weapons they used? Laser?

  4. @SteelonSand - they do indeed do a Scorpio now and I picked one up at the same time. As a Caproni WWI bomber is now available I may add some more B7 to the order.

    @insresponse - in Redemption they fire some kind of green laser at the Liberator.

  5. The Fire was Stupid.
    Putting Vila on guard was suicidal.
    What's the matter? staying alive too complicated for you?