Monday, 29 August 2011

1a Squadriglia Caproni Ca. 3

I've been looking forward to cracking on with the Der Kampffliger Caproni ever since it arrived as it is a fantastic model and the light weight resin makes it perfect for wargaming. Although it started operational use in 1915 the Ca. 3 model was utilised throughout the war so I was able to pick a 1918 machine with a late war disruptive camouflage rather than just paint a clear doped linen plane.

The model doesn't come with a crew so I added a front gunner and two pilots from Reviresco. I wasn't going to add the precariously placed rear gunner cage (right above the rear pusher engine!) but had a eureka moment and scratch built one by using a Reviresco pilot's legs, the top half of a gunner and some odd bits of wire and am pleased with how it turned out (the model was 95% painted before I decided to add him!).

The plane (pictured below) is that of Capitano Guido Tarmelli and belonged to 1a Squadriglia based at San Pelgaio in 1918. It should have some more detail such as the motto Audaces fortuna iuvat on the nose but my hands and eyes aren't that good anymore!

To give you an idea of size of the model, here it is with one of the 91a Squadriglia's SPAD's (it is worth noting the resin Caproni is a lighter model than the metal SPAD which is a godsend for a model this size). 

Overall I am really pleased with the Caproni and although I only intended this to be a one off I may get a couple more for some Italian front bombing scenarios...


  1. Super aircraft. Wacky and unusual, but you've done a very fine job on it indeed.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Lovely job indeed! The 'add-ons' really give it some character and the paint job is just the ticket. Now if a Russian Muromets comes along I think you should really have a go at it!

    All the best,


  3. @DC - I have suggested making one to Roman...