Friday, 15 April 2011

Royal Engineer Steam Walker

You may recall last year that I painted up a section of Royal Engineer Automatons from Ironclad Miniatures for an as yet undecided 28mm VSF project. I decided to give them some heavy support in the form of this Steam Walker.

The model is from the old Mage Knight line and I picked a number of this model up off eBay a while back (having been warned away from pillaging Saul's collection!), IIRC it is from the Atlantean Kingdom army but I may be wrong. I repositioned one leg to give the impression of it charging forward movement and repainted it in a similar weather-worn scheme to the automatons before adding some kapok for the smoke.

We're off to Salute in a couple of hours and I've been drawing up my list conscious of my pledge not to buy anything new unless needed to help finish a project. This is proving hard but I am hoping my will power will survive (I'm not going anywhere near the Empress Miniatures stand and those lovely 28mm Modern Brits for a start!). My list is fairly conservative and I hope to restrict my purchases to Gripping BeastImmortal Miniatures and Skytrex. The main focus will be checking out new games such as Kings of WarSaga and War & Conquest.

Well that's the plan, but you know what they say about plans... :-)


  1. Have a ball at Salute you lucky bugger! Take (and share) lots of pics :-)

  2. The mini is indeed a Mage Knight (first edition) "Steam golem". It belongs to the Black Powder Rebels faction.

    I repainted one of those once, see here:

    MK golems are interesting minis as... they are cheap.

    Other repaints :

    Steam Knight
    (as for your "Royal Engineer Steam Walker" it is for an uchronic context, hence I've renamed it "Knight automaton of the Crown")

    Steam Mauler:
    (this one's purposed is to serve as a dwarven automaton in a fantasy context)

    Redgear Bowblade

    As you can see on the knight and the mauler,I now keep their clix base as part of the "steampunk feel" of the whole mini.