Friday, 8 April 2011

Finklestein Dwarf Jägers

Trying to take Tas's advice of doing a little bit each day I managed to finish off these Finklestein Dwarf  Jägers for Flintloque.

Bearing in mind they got to the 99% finished stage last century, it was nice to see them finished (and yes, they were painted in enamels!). They were one of the last sets Mike Owen sculpted and I'm not sure if they were every commercially released as I can't find them on the Alternative Armies website.

This officer of the Krautian Guard is, he was a test painting to see how he looked in a white tunic. By this stage of my involvement with Flintloque I was keen to re-emphasise the fantasy element as I could see no point just recreating the Napoleonic Wars where the only difference was the models "funny faces" (a view I still hold to and IMHO a weakness in the games development).

For a change I based the models on round bases. Previously I had based my Flintloque figures on square ones, but I prefer round for skirmish games and think the GW War of the Ring bases may be a useful option if I want to have regular formations with these figures at a later stage.


  1. I still base mine on round bases (2p's in fact) :) I am still painting some Voltiguers I started in the 90's.

  2. Very nice. I really like the officer. I think your idea of basing on round and using GW War of the Ring movement trays is perfect for Flintloque. I'll certainly be doing that with my witchlands army.

  3. Hi Steve,


    I've also been thinking about Flintloque on movement trays - not LOTR but single regimental bases so that whole regiments (8 figures) can be moved around the table.

    I was also thinking about including on the base a space foe a standard D6 to show strength.

    Maybe not a project for now, but one that I am sure would be fun for the future. My own Sauerkraut Dwarf Wars game.

    I enjoyed reading about your painted Dwarves.


  4. The nice thing about the LOTR bases (or their equivalents on eBay) is that you can have eight figures on a base or based individually for skirmishing...

  5. The officer looks good. The rest eight with guitars in there hand is also a very nice sculpting.
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