Monday, 17 January 2011

Die Verdammten

The postman just delivered a nice surprise, a box of the brand new Studio Miniatures 28mm plastic German zombies. Obviously I've not had time to paint any(!) but opening the (double video tape size) box you get fifteen identical two figure sprues.

My initial reaction was that of being slightly underwhelmed at the lack of variety, but upon examining the sprues Studio have been very clever as they have included three separate sets of arms that can be positioned at any angle as well as a spare head and a field cap. With the judicious use of a scalpel it is going to be very easy to imbue a wide degree of variety into the zombie horde.

The box also includes a metal officer which is very nice and I think these will fit in nicely with the West Wind zombies and Artizan WW2 stuff I have. 31 figures for £20 is good value and just as well as you need big units in Gehemkrieg.


  1. I already have a horde of 15 metal ones from SOTR but if need any extra I know where I'm going to get them from...