Thursday, 6 January 2011

(Ancients Month) Celt Javelinmen

I managed to finish the eight Celt skirmishers with javelins earlier this morning. All the figures are from the Warlord box and the more dynamic poses do seem to suit the skirmishers best. The only non-Warlord bits are the javelins themselves which were taken from the Wargames Factory box which has a ton of extras like these. The nice thing about the plastic was the ease of altering hand positions to convert sword holders to appropriate javelin poses.

As previously the figures were block painted and then brushed with dip. I did take a while studying Phil Hendry's excellent dipped Celts and concluded he is quite conservative with the dip and resist the urge to smoother figures with it, consequently I am trying a similar approach with what I think are passable results. I certainly more pleased with this second batch of Celt skirmishers.

The first Celt warband is now constructed, undercoated and sat waiting for a bit of free time before I start on the painting. I do now need to have a serious think about shields and decals. I'm torn between the simple and relatively cheap approach of VVV or the more expensive but visually stunning LBMS.

Celt painted running total:

16/186 infantry
0/3 chariots

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