Monday, 23 February 2015

ACW: Confederate Infantry III

The ACW flags I ordered from Solway Crafts arrived this morning allowing me to finish the command group for project's the first regiment...

I am really very, very pleased with the flags. Pete Barfield has done an excellent job with them and they are suitable muted to fit in with the campaign weary look I wanted from my Confederates.

Here's the full regiment with command group - the 3rd North Carolina...

I know it is not 100% accurate for Confederate regiments to carry the battle and state flags into action, but I like the variety provided by including the state flags so I'll be doing this with all my Confederate regiments.

Painting Target: 42/1000


  1. Great looking unit. Those flags are rather nice.

  2. One can never have enough heraldry if you ask me! That unit is very fine looking indeed!

  3. All looking very nice indeed :)