Monday 28 July 2014

AirWar C21: 800 NAS Sea Harrier FRS.1's

Following on from yesterday's RAF Harrier GR.3's, I finished of four Heroics & Ros Sea Harrier FRS.1's that have been sat around half-painted for a while. One had a slightly moulding defect, which I have painted up as some battle damage...

The Sea Harrier served with 800 and 801 Naval Air Squadron's during the Falklands campaign, off HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible respectively.

Now where did I put those Argie Skyhawks and Mirages?

Painting Target: 447/1000


  1. Hello
    My apologies for intruding onto your blog but may I ask, are you the Steave Blease that is President and Treasurer of the SFSFW? And if you are he are you still fulfilling those duties?

    1. Yes, if it is about Ragnarok 60 (as posted on the SFSFW Yahoo Group) it is with the membership secretary who is unfortunately recovering from a major operation. As soon as he is able to post it out he will. If it is something else president(at)

  2. Those are great Steve. I've been considering buying CY6 jet age, with the Falklands being the first project for gaming. This great inspiration!