Friday, 4 April 2014

Blitzkrieg: Pantserwagen Possibilities?

Painting on the Dutch infantry has gone well today and hopefully they will be finished over the weekend. I've also managed to slap some paint on some early war French AFV's too. This of course led me to thinking about Dutch AFV's for the tabletop.

Royal Netherlands Army Panterswagen M38
Of course no one makes a 28mm Landsverk L-180 / L-181 (Pantserwagen M38 / M36 in Dutch service) but reading through his useful Flames of War Dutch Army briefing, the author suggested using a Soviet BA-10 as a proxy. With the Baker Company Russian Truck Kickstarter offering BA-10's as an alternative to the basic GAZ truck, I may pick up one to convert.

Looking at the long list of Landsverk users in WW2 on Wikipedia, someone really ought to make a 28mm model. Be a lot more useful than a Sturmtiger!

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  1. Are those solid tyres?

    I agree with you a nice model and one that deserves to be modelled.